About Our Process


  • communication

    We realize the importance of communication to ensuring that your website looks exactly the way you want it to. We are glad to address any issues or questions that you have.

  • With your Schedule

    We can discuss your design in person or entirely over the web. Communication via e-mail allows for ideas to be conveyed at your convenience.

  • Aesthetic

    A high quality website will wow visitors while giving them the information they need– that’s what we want to achieve for you.

  • Location

    We are based in the northwest Georgia region. This means that, if you would prefer, we can meet with you to discuss your design.


  • site revisions

    Things change. Or maybe you simply want to add new information to your site. Simply let us know, and we’ll happily help you get it done.

  • quick responses

    We’ll be sure to answer your email as soon as we see it. On any day of the week, you’ll get a response within twenty-four hours.

  • Hosting

    Whether you don’t currently have a hosting provider or you would simply like to switch to us, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

  • Instruction

    We want to set you up for success. If you would rather handle site revisions on your own, we’ll help you understand how to do that.


Web Design

You want a site that is aesthetically pleasing, straightforward,
and easy-to-navigate. It can also offer various features such as user membership, e-mail subscription, forums, and more:

Analytics. A Google Analytics account can be integrated into your website for straightforward website traffic reports.
SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) Ensure that others will be able to find your website via their search engine inquiry.
E-Commerce. Display your products and information clearly and conduct transactions through your site.
Responsive. A responsive website can be viewed on screens of all sizes– phones and tablets as well as computers.

Web Hosting

We’ll host your website for an affordable price.
You’ll be able to modify pages, make posts, and manage your e-mails,
either on your own or with our assistance.

Email Accounts. We will help you set up e-mail accounts for your domain. This means you’ll have, for example, an [email protected]
99.99% Uptime. You want to be sure that potential consumers are able to view your website at any time. With 99.99% uptime, they will.
Management. Conveniently maintain your website through an easy-to-access and straightforward access panel.
Support. If you decide that you need to make changes, we will be able to quickly assist you in doing so.

What can a website do for you?

No matter your goal, an intuitive website can draw attention to your ideas.

Sell Your Products

List what you are selling and perform transactions with visitors, all in one place. Simplify and gain independence for your online business.

Share Your Ideas

The world wants to hear what you have to say. Perhaps you’d like to entertain your friends with recipes, tales from your daily life, or thoughts on certain topics.

Spotlight Your Business

What sets you apart from the competition? Allow consumers to see all that you have to offer; offer them important information such as hours and contact info.

Why DracoVisuals?

We understand that you work hard to maintain your business. We also understand that consumers want to know more about you. If you run a restaurant, you probably want to be sure that potential customers are able to view your menu. If your goal is to sell a product or service, you’d like to be sure that your customers are able to view your products or schedule appointments with ease. If you want to create a forum, you want your site’s

user interface to be attractive and easy to use so that visitors need only concern themselves with engaging via your online community.
Upon deciding to own a website, you have a vision for what end you would like to achieve by doing so. We are available to ensure that vision becomes a reality. Send us a quick email, and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Stephanie Olson

Owner of DracoVisuals
For as long as I have had access to a computer, I’ve found myself tinkering with code. I would spend hours analyzing various codes, taking into consideration the significance and purpose of each line so that I might fully grasp the underlying concepts which would allow me to develop a program that purposefully integrated useful commands and output an interface which was both intuitive and attractive. I applied this to code both within and outside of web browsers, and within the web browser, I found that I enjoyed constructing user interfaces for websites. As a hobby, I began designing sites for the fun of it, simply to realize various ideas that I had in my mind and wanted to share with the world. From there, I found myself building websites for friends and family to help them do the same; then, I moved on to working on a professional level, helping businesses draw attention to themselves and their ideas via the Web. I run DracoVisuals while completing my Associate’s Degrees in Computer Science and Physics and am in the process of transferring to Georgia Tech to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. I am fortunate to do what I enjoy while learning skills which I can apply to my line of work. Each site that I create for my clients highlights the valuable information that visitors want to find in a way that appeals to the eye while being accessible and straightforward.

Send us a message. Let’s bring your ideas to life.

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